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Lindberg Geologic Consulting Services Offered

LGC is dedicated to providing reasonably-priced Geologic Consulting Services to Northern California and Southern Oregon. Bringing over twenty years of experience to your geologic needs.

Services Offered by LGC include;


Geologic Soils Investigations and Reports;

We provide our clients, with the site-specific soils investigations required for confirmation of acceptable soil conditions for their projects. We provide designers with assessments of potential geologic hazards affecting a site and can recommend mitigation for them. Our reports include technical soils parameters for design of foundation systems, and provide public agencies with the information they require to review and approve project permits that are consistent with their regulatory role. Our clients include owners, contractors, developers, or other design professionals.


Expert Witness Consulting Services:

LGC provides engineering geologic expert witness services to attorneys and their clients in cases involving ground failures, subsidence or settlement, foundation damage, erosion damage, and soil and groundwater contamination issues.


Fault Investigations:

Seismically speaking, LGC serves an especially active region with numerous active faults. We can provide the Special Studies required by the State of California for developments within one thousand feet of the surface trace of an active fault. We will provide you with suitable project setback recommendations for meeting the state requirement for avoiding the hazard of surface fault rupture.

Landslide Investigations and Slope Stability Assessments

We can assess the stability of an existing slope or address the maximum appropriate cut and fill slopes for grading projects.  If there has been a slope failure, LGC can assist with investigation of cause(s) and recommendations for mitigation. Site stability in relation to post-grading conditions can be modeled and assessed qualitatively or quantitatively; recommendations can be provided regarding safe cut and fill slopes, and control of groundwater in cut slopes. We are familiar with most modern methods of slope stabilization techniques and the soils-geologic information necessary for design of slope repairs.


Private Disposal System Investigations and Reports:

For development of residential sites beyond the public sewer infrastructure. LGC conducts the necessary field investigations, soils analysis and percolation testing required for private disposal (Septic) system design and county health department permitting. Field data is then utilized to provide an appropriately-sized disposal system.


Soils Tests:

We can provide most commonly employed soil tests and analyses, in-house or though one of our specialized suppliers. Call to discuss your needs and we can help determine what type of testing may be most appropriate for your situation.


Soils Suitability:

LGC can test or assess your soil in relation to its intended use. We will help determine if the site soils suitable to support a foundation system for a building, for cutting and filling to create a roadway or a building pad, or for disposal of waste water from your off-the-grid home in the mountains.


Sub-Grade Suitability:

We can explore and observe the soil profile in an area proposed for development. Observation of the soil profiles in the vicinity of planned construction or development can identify critical soil conditions early in the planning and design process, allowing your project to be designed right the first time and avoiding costly change orders during construction due to variable soil conditions. 


Soils Construction Observation:

During construction it is often advisable for an engineering geologist to observe the sub grade soils exposed by excavation to ensure that the soil conditions actually encountered during construction are compliant with the assumptions made in the design process and that the soils a re consistent throughout. Soils observations typically occur when the ground is excavated or cut in preparation for receiving engineered fill or pouring of concrete footings.

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